A Little Bit About Us


If you are just joining us here for the first time, allow us to introduce ourselves!

Apart from the occasional guest blogger, The ‘Exploring Alberta’ Team consists of Silvia D’Amelio and Dave Green.  If you were to know some of the common life threads of our marriage … we both have enjoyed successful careers in environmental science, we are both fortunate to have loving and supportive families, we both love cooking, we both strive to truly capture our experiences in our photography and film, we both are creative and artistic in our own ways and though it should come as no real shock we also share a deep passion for everything fish and fishing.  Other activities that keep us entertained include stunt kite flying, exploring, the occasional round of golf, training for retirement bocce, and of course the raising of 3 puffer fish (aka The Stooges) and some other fish affectionately known as the Jimmy Killers.

Now, as residents of Alberta for three years (at the time of writing this) it is our goal to continue our exploration of this province guided by recommendations and ideas offered by our friends and followers and share our experiences with you as we go!

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