Low Water Bull Trout on the Sheep


With one day of fishing left in his trip out west, Brian opted for a return visit to the Sheep River.  A short 40minutes from home, the Sheep River has proven to be an ideal spot to spend a couple of hours enjoying the foothills, local wildlife and of course, fly fishing.  The easy access and amazing fishing has made the Sheep River a popular river for our visiting guests and has featured prominently in our Exploring Alberta experiences to date.  For those newcomers to Exploring Alberta be sure to check out Brian’s first trip  Sheep River Bull Trout Never Disappoint as well as  Undeniably Epic and Again with the “I want what Phil had”?

The air temperatures had dropped which was a good thing but sadly there had been no recent rainfalls which kept the water levels very low and continued to make the angling more challenging.  While a couple Bulls were finally fooled into taking well presented flies, there was little doubt that their reluctance to take was due in some part to environmental stressors and angling pressure.

We took each opportunity to try out a new camera housing which also ensured that the fish would stay wet and cool as they were unhooked, photographed and released as quickly as possible with all the skill a seasoned fisheries biologist could offer.  Slightly turbid water conditions originating from some fresh scour on an upstream bend created less than ideal clarity for photography but all things considered, the photographs turned out alright (if we do say so ourselves).  Having hooked a Bull Trout each and taking the time to chat with a few other anglers on the river, we switched our focus and headed to Eau Claire Distillery for a quick drink and some then some select purchases (including their incredible Dill Pickle Vodka!) for transport back to Ontario.  The Bull Trout fisheries in Alberta are an amazing resource and we are always thrilled to introduce anglers to these amazing top predators.


We hope you had a great trip Brian with plenty of photos to remember it by!

One thought on “Low Water Bull Trout on the Sheep

  1. Wow, your photographs continue to get better all the time…..not that I thought it could be done. You need to sell them! Nice work with the new camera housing……and the protection of the fish.
    Just wait until you both retire….the fish won’t be expecting you guys. I can see it now. They will pack up their fins and move to Ontario.

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