A Rescued Fishing Day on the Oldman & Crowsnest Rivers


We had tempted our buddy Brian with a full day fishing the pools and runs of the Oldman River and what began as an uneventful drive there turned problematic when the truck  wouldn’t start after a refuelling.  With the help of roadside assistance (thank you Brian) we headed to Okotoks Chevrolet Buick GMC for service.  Trying to anticipate the possible repair scenarios and associated wait-times we scrambled to come up with a solution to salvage what was left of a precious angling day in the west.

The truck problem was explained to the woman in customer service along with lamenting  the unfortunate impact it had on our visiting friends fishing trip.  We were incredibly thankful when a courtesy truck was offered to us so we could continue the trip with only a minor delay.  Unexpected and amazing service.

Back on the road, the rest of the driving passed quickly and soon we were admiring the view from the road running alongside the Oldman River while we decided on the best access point.

It took no time before we were walking upstream swinging wet flies, drifting nymphs (and yes the odd worm pattern) and of course dries. The Oldman River was making us work for each fish as the the low water and the fishing pressures from the previous weekend had made them skeptical of even the best presentation of a fly.  Despite this, we each managed to convince the hungry ones to take as we worked our way upstream.

After a few hours on the Oldman River we headed back to the truck and hit a spot on the Crowsnest that the Exploring Alberta team has fished many times before.  It was late afternoon by the time we set up along an outside bend pool and the bugs in the air were just starting to thicken.  There were definitely caddisflies in the air in numbers but the Cutthroat seemed to be taking something smaller on the surface.  A size #18 Blue Winged Olive parachute dry seemed to be the ticket to us catching a few nice trout in the intimate waters of the river.


2 thoughts on “A Rescued Fishing Day on the Oldman & Crowsnest Rivers

  1. You didn’t say what happened to the truck. We’re the fish more important??? The photos make me think that there is a season other than winter, and I warmed up. As always…beautiful scenes and fish. Love mum

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