Tackling Travers One Eye at a Time


It is always an exciting time for us when our friends travel across the country to visit us in our new home province so when our buddy Brian decided to book some holidays and experience the Exploring Alberta adventures we were eager to show him around!

After a quick run to Costco for supplies and an introductory visit to the Costco liquor store (severely lacking in Ontario) we spent the rest of the day relaxing at home and planning out the week of fishing adventures.  First up was a day of good old fashioned Walleye fishing with our good buddy Nate on Travers Reservoir.

Always the gracious host and guide, Nate met us at the launch on Travers and like the seasoned pros we are, we launched the boat without a hitch and headed down the lake to some of the more productive areas we had been fishing in recent outings.  We decided to start the day slow dragging some smile blades and minnow rigs to locate fish.  Much to our delight we consistently caught Walleye after Walleye, including what was later identified to us as Brian’s personnel best!

Generally the fish were on the small to average size but we knew larger fish had to be there.  During moments when the boat was still or drifting lipless crank baits were ripped below the boat and added a few more walleye to our tally.

After being pressured off our “special” spot by a guy that Nate had shared “top secret” fishing intel with we headed off to try a few new locations.  Our day of catching lots of Walleye was only slightly marred by the fact that the guy that crowded us drove across the lake to find us for our measuring tape to “confirm” the 83cm long walleye they had just caught from the spot after we left.  Not going to lie … there was some outward signs of frustration expressed … but it was not enough enough to taint a fantastic day on the water with two great friends!

One thought on “Tackling Travers One Eye at a Time

  1. Don’t you just dislike “butt-inskies”? Oh well, it takes all kinds to make the world go round! The guy probably had his own measuring tape, but just wanted to “rub it in”! What…me cynical…..no way Jose!!!! Brian is fortunate to have you guys and Nate to provide him with such hospitality. We have been the fortunate recipients of your hospitality. Love you both. Mum

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