Early Morning on the Bow


The summer of 2017 has proved to be an extremely hot and dry.  Not too dissimilar to the last couple of years, but with noticeably less flow in the nearby rivers and in the Bow River in particular.  Increasing water temperatures and decreasing flow conditions place a lot of stress on many fish species including the trout of the Bow River.  To reduce the impacts of angling while continuing to enjoy the sport, many anglers (like ourselves) choose to fish very early in the morning.  By that, we mean putting our waders and tying on our flies by moonlight.

After a careful walk to the river through the morning mist, a few distant headlamps on shore and on the water quickly revealed that we were not the only anglers trying to enjoy the same passion.  We knew it was just a matter of time before the number of anglers would begin to increase exponentially.  For some strange reason we were actually surprised that we weren’t the only people who would bother getting up this early just for a few hours of fishing.

While we were hoping to fish a stonefly or caddis hatch, the only plentiful bugs around the river were mosquitos. The trout started feeding just as the sun started to rise and despite some cautious interest in our dry fly selections, we could not entice a bite.  A last minute change to the new “go to” streamer called the Gonga quickly proved its effectiveness as it was casted out with every couple steps as we headed back to the vehicle.


A beautiful morning with some mighty Bow River Rainbows, and back home just in time for breakfast!  Next time we might try to get out even earlier!  Not!


2 thoughts on “Early Morning on the Bow

  1. Hey, Dave, some of us remember trying to get you up in the morning so you could catch your ride to school, peanut butter toast in hand! Imagine, oh imagine, how great it would have been to know it would only take a fishing pole in your hands, and you would be waiting by the car for your ride. Mothers only get smart later in life. Love you!

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