Forget Love, I’d Rather Fall in Chocolate

IMG_9990When I was young, I distinctly remember mom spending hours trying to figure out how to properly temper chocolate.  There seemed to be some sort of magic to it that eluded her despite the numerous attempts.  When it comes to baking and frankly any cooking, this woman can figure out anything, so the enigma that is tempering has plagued her for decades.  Her chocolate of choice has always been Callebaut and she often spoke about the amazing work of Bernard Callebaut.  Fortunately for all of us, Mr. Callebaut is based in Calgary and offers a chocolate class through his company Bernard and Sons Master Chocolate.  The class that he offered was limited to only a few individuals so it offered a great opportunity for a very unique and intimate experience with a renowned chocolatier.

The ‘girls’ booked the course for mom as a special treat and it was truly fantastic.  Mr. Callebaut carefully and thoughtfully explained the history of chocolate, grades, types and composition of chocolate before walking us step by step through the tempering and molding of chocolates.  It was a messy, fun and joyous evening that none of us will ever forget.  Be assured there are a quite a few people (read two son-in-laws) that are deeply grateful to Mr. Callebaut’s for his fine tutelage!

This great experience is summed up in the smile on mom’s face as she got to spend time with someone she truly admires.  The happy students left with an ability to temper, mold and flavour chocolate, and a whole lot of chocolate to make the boys happy.



One thought on “Forget Love, I’d Rather Fall in Chocolate

  1. Yummy! What a wonderful experience. I only know how to eat chocolate in moderation. If I went to classes like that, I would lose my moderation, and swim in it. You were so fortunate to have such an adventure. Love mum

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