Dinosaurs & Drumheller on Display


Drumheller and the Tyrell Museum are well known, southern Alberta attractions that receive a lot of attention and with good reason.  We have visited both the town and the museum on many occasions with many of our guests and it never gets old.  Our adventure started with a quick drive through the town of Drumheller to see the largest dinosaur in the world but funny enough, it was the small, colourfully painted ones dotting the roadsides of the town that received the most attention from young Luca!

Knowing that we were on “kid” time, we headed to the museum freshly fuelled with a quick bite to eat and with enough time to explore the museum before nap time.

A number of the impressive exhibits within the Tyrrell Museum had remain unchanged since our last visit but there had also been some additional exhibits and displays to marvel at.

The Grounds for Discovery Exhibit, highlighted the stories and discoveries that have resulted from collaborations with numerous industries such as housing and road construction, mining, wind turbine development, and the oil and gas projects in the region.   Particularly interesting to our group was the feature on Ammonites which are extinct hard-shelled, squid-like marine creatures that lived 400 – 66 million years ago. Although found all over the world, they have a unique form of preservation in southwestern Alberta making them semi-precious finds.

And as if dinosaurs weren’t enough for the young and young at heart, there were also bugs,  life-size lizards and of course fossils of prehistoric fishes.

No matter how many times we visit this area and the Tyrrell Museum, it is always jam packed with new experiences and discoveries to made.


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