Getting Dusty at the High River Rodeo


lt should come as no surprise for those of you that enjoyed our I want to be a Cowboy post, that there is a growing allure for the Cowboy lifestyle so it wasn’t hard to convince the family that we had to experience a good old fashioned rodeo!  We had heard from many sources that there are a number of annual rodeos (of the same caliber of competition as the Calgary Stampede events) that were within reach of the city and offered an up close and personal rodeo experience.  It just so happened that the Guy Weadick Days in High River featured all the rodeo excitement one could hope for and it was perfectly timed for our guests.

There was barrel racing…

Bucking Broncos …

Calf roping events …

Even the youngsters got into the competition.

There was team calf roping and wrestling…

Of course there was the fan favorite and incredibly intense bull riding competition.

When needed, the cowboys were fully supported by the courageous band of rodeo “clowns”.

The days events were capped off by chuckwagon races that were happening so close that you could feel the ground quake when the teams rounded the corner and headed for the finish line.  That said, the thunder of the horses and wagons was accompanied at the end of each race by the rodeo lovers in the grandstand pounding their feet in encouragement.  The races were interrupted only by the tractor responsible for “grooming” the track which was aptly named by Laura as the “Zen-bonie”

Unlike the Calgary Stampede, you could stand so close to the action that you could feel the breath of the horses as they set up for each race.  It should be said that there is a lot of focus on the wagon drivers in these races but the unsung heroes of the races (in our humble opinion) are the outriders!

It was an incredible event to behold and it was made even better by the running commentary that was provided during each of the events.  Les McIntrye was the gentleman and cowboy who provided such a colorful and insightful glimpse of the rodeo  events and to you sir … a heart-felt thank you from our family for making the rodeo events in High River that much more enjoyable!


One thought on “Getting Dusty at the High River Rodeo

  1. Wow, you really captured the rides etc. in full motion! I can almost feel the pain, and hear the noise! Well done….but I didn’t expect any less from you both. Mum

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