Sheep River Falls and Flowers


You will have seen by now that the Exploring Alberta Team has some favourite locations that we like to share with guests when they come for a visit.  Often, these are easy walks or hikes to a spectacular vista or in this particular case a beautiful set of waterfalls on the Sheep River.  It was first shared with our loyal following as a very popular guest post The Majestic Sheep River Falls prepared by Mom and Dad Green.  Now it was time to share it with the other half of the family!



The scenic outlook that showcases the Sheep River valley on the way to Triple Falls never fails to impress everyone, though the youngest in our group was a little more focused on Lightning McQueen on this particular day! We are always hopeful that we will catch a glimpse of some wildlife and on this day we got up close and personal with a couple Great Horned Owls that seemed to be taking advantage of the local prairie dog populations that were too distracted by mating season to worry about any threats overhead. Unfortunately we didn’t see any of the bighorn sheep that also call this area home. We love sharing these spots with family and friends to share in their amazement and wonder which allows us to re-live our first impressions!



Another new find on this outing was the abundance of spring wildflowers.  Through the forested trail, over the boulders and bedrock and even in the parking lot, wildflowers were blooming in a rainbow of colours.


The final destination didn’t disappoint.  The clean turquoise blue waters of the Sheep River cascade into deep seemingly bottomless pools.  Our view from above was the perfect vantage point to take in this amazing sight and also allowed for some great memories and photographs that will be cherished.

If you are near Longview, Alberta we can’t recommend this location enough and at any time of year.  For those anglers that are reading this … check out the river below the sanctuary and be sure to bring a rod and some fly boxes with you.  Before you go … check out a few of our other blog posts like Blown Away by the Sheep RiverUndeniably EPIC and Again with the “I want what Phil had”? highlighting the fishing in the area!

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