A Brief Stay in Summerland

Summerland-pano-2The Okanagan Valley is home to many well known communities, far too many to visit in one trip.  On this trip through the valley we decided to stay in the small town of Summerland.  On the southeast shores of Okanagan Lake, Summerland is a beautiful little spot with great food, amazing views and great lodging.  In close proximity to the lake, some of the amenities felt the effects of the spring flooding that plagued much of the valley.  An evening stroll along the boardwalk quickly revealed the extensive damage and repair work ahead for the residents.

Before leaving Summerland, we made sure to stop at Sleeping Giant Fruit Winery and Summerland Sweets.  The Winery is well known for its fruit wines and a quick tasting didn’t disappoint.  Every sip of table wine refreshed our taste buds with the vibrant flavours of fresh fruit.  Their dessert wines are like eating fresh fruit off the bush or tree.  Our favourites included raspberry, cherry and pear….. but to be honest, there wasn’t one we didn’t like.  These are not traditional wines, but something completely different and well worth a stop. Summerland Sweets, located in the same building is known for its berry preserves.  Shelves were lined with a dizzying array of jelly, jams, syrups and candies.  While they were all good, the syrups are not to be missed!  Especially the saskatoon berry syrup.

While we didn’t get out for a boat ride as planned, we loaded the SUV with bottles, jars, and produce along with the cider from Kelowna and headed back to Calgary feeling as though we had accomplished something!


One thought on “A Brief Stay in Summerland

  1. I can imagine trying to leave those shelves without loading up on a lot of the merchandise….I know I cannot say no in places like that. What a wonderful place!

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