The National – Show Jumping at its Best


As we embarked on a 3 week visit with family, we decided to start things off right with a visit to The National held at Spruce Meadows.  Some of you may recall Show Jumping In the Comfort of the British House when we attended Spruce Meadows as guests of TransCanada.  Now that we had an energetic 2 year old with us for this visit and we were looking for some family friendly fun this time.


It didn’t take long to get caught up in the display of incredible emergency services  vehicles including rescue boats, a helicopter and the most awesome Calgary Tactical Unit Balkan MK-7.  The Southern Prairie Regional leg of the FireFit Championship was full on showcasing the endurance of firefighters through intense competition.  As we had come to expect, there was plenty to see including frequent sightings of the mounted Steeles Scouts and other riders from the past as well as a full market place featuring the crafts of incredible artisans, amazing food, tack (horse language for saddles and stuff), new technologies and lots of other items for sale and appreciation.  Highlights for the youngest of our group included face painting and of course Luca’s first a pony ride!


One of the highlights for the adults was watching the Darby Classic from seats given to us by one of the friendly Spruce Meadows staff.  The length, complexity and challenge of the jumps and obstacles were awe inspiring.


Spruce Meadows events continue to be a favourite for us and our guests.  They never disappoint!


2 thoughts on “The National – Show Jumping at its Best

  1. Wow, what spectacular photos of the horses jumping. Well taken Sil! ans or Dave! Your family looks so relaxed. Luca looks like he has a great time too. Great hosts!

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