Putting on a Clinic at Summit


The vivid memories of quality Rainbow Trout that we caught on Summit Lake just a few days ago haunted us.  We knew from a few reports that the chironomid activity was only getting better with each passing day so we reached out to Rick and told him it was time for another go!

As we got closer to the BC border a low bank of clouds had settled in the valley which had us wondering what kind of weather was in store for us.  It turns out that we were to fish mostly under blue bird skies and light winds.  A rarity to be sure.  We met Rick at the predetermined time and since he was there on time we hung our heads knowing that there would be no donuts for us … again.  Undaunted by this reality we inflated the boats, secured the electronics and prepared the rods for battle knowing it wouldn’t belong before the crowds started to gather.

The lake was like glass and despite the inevitability of more anglers we decided to take a few moments and cast from shore in a channel that has been known to have regular “patrols” of quality fish cruising between the shore and weed line.  After a few “fishless” casts we knew it was time to make our way down to where we left off the previous outing.  We selected some prime locations to anchor up our crafts knowing well where the trout tended to cruise related to our casting distances.  Using the same fly selections that had worked for us last time we casted out our indicators and waited.  And waited …


The morning was a little quiet to start and we were unsure of whether to blame the fish or the flies we had chosen based on our previous success.  We blamed the fish in the end but changed flies anyway and broke the stalemate with a #16 Black and Red PBR which seemed to fool quite a few fish in the 18″ class and even a couple over 20″.

Chromies, Bionic worms,  Guns and Roses Variant and even a Holo Worm ended up on the end of our tippet but everything seemed to be ignored or at least turned out to be a “one fish” wonder.  Two shore anglers were doing really well casting out and stripping in fast … seriously fast.  We later discovered that these two gentlemen guide for a local shop and had been aggressively fishing Doc Spratley wet flies in black and olive colours… but that is a whole other story …

In the end it seemed that a simple #16 black chironomid with red wrap and black bead fished the most consistently for us and Rick did well on one of his creations, similar in size and colour (but take note that he ties really “skinny” chironomids).  Over the course of the day and into the early evening we each caught a lot of fish (like a lot even for us) with quite a few over 20″ and some that were pushing 24″ and heavy!

Unusual for us, we decided to take two legal fish home with us as we had family visiting in a few weeks and they had specifically requested a fish dinner.  Spoiler Alert … they were incredibly tasty.  Dave’s Super Awesome Stuffed Trout recipe is available on request. We should note for those concerned that Summit Lake has a put and take fishery – stocked specifically for anglers to harvest.

Much to the chagrin of at least one BC angler who was not shy when stating that Albertans should have to pay extra to fish this (read his) lake, we do plan on returning for another round before the summer and perhaps even take another couple fish for the smoker.


3 thoughts on “Putting on a Clinic at Summit

    • Well Matt .. we only have one electric motor and two boats … so it is better for both to go without than for one of us (read Dave) to be left behind in a rooster tail of a wake! (plus the lake is pretty manageable with “oar power”!


  1. Your photos are wonderful, as they always are. Imagine trains, and boats……but where were the planes? However, I did see the fish, and they looked yummy. Have you a recipe to share, or is it one of mine? I hope there was a prayer in thanksgiving to the fish for giving up his spirit for you guys. Lots of love….mum

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