Summit Lake Comes to Life


Some of you may remember an earlier fishing trip Reaching the Summit , where we fished a great little trout lake just inside the BC border.  This spot showed great potential to put a serious bend in a 5wt fly rod so we were eager to return.  Well the 2017 season had finally progressed enough that it was open for angling and word had begun to spread that the chironomid fishing was really starting to heat up.  It was time to make a return appearance.

Arriving before our buddy Rick (who we hoped was delayed because he picked up donuts from The Donut Mill), we inflated the pontoon boats, loaded in the gear and set off to explore the lake.  We fished a number of chironomid patterns under an indicator set at various depths throughout the morning but we struggled to get the selection right.  Specifically for those looking for details, we were fishing tapered leaders down to a 3X flourocarbon tippet supported by quick release indicators.  We tried a newly created, #14 Re-imagined Ice Cream Cone, #14 Chromies, and even a Balanced Bruised Leech.    Just as frustration was starting to build, a switch to a large #12 Dragon Lake Special proved to be the right choice and we watched the fly get inhaled on its first soaking by a beautifully coloured 7lb Rainbow Trout.  A few more trout fell victim to this fly through the late morning before we turned to some #16 Guns and Roses flies to get the job done.


By the time Rick arrived there was a cluster of anglers encircling a small section of shoreline so we respectfully found ourselves an acceptable (to the other anglers) spot and continued to catch quality fish as the fed with abandon on emerging chironomids. We all managed to catch fish that ranged in size from 18″ to 24″ with a few encounters with even larger trout torpedoes.


We happily fished till early evening battling these hard fighting trout even though the other anglers seemed to quit around 5:00 and join the steady stream of traffic heading home from the long weekend.  The decision was made rowing back to the truck that we would be back again real soon!

Oh and Rick didn’t bring donuts!



One thought on “Summit Lake Comes to Life

  1. Hey Dave….that was a lot of technical stuff for your mum to read. Could you please put it in the vernacular of the laity so I could understand!!! Luckily I saw the photos of the fish, so I do know that the blog is all about fishing again. Whew!! Didn’t feel so dumb after that.

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