Travers Doesn’t Disappoint


There are certain things you can count on … the sun rising each morning and that when there is ice on Alberta reservoirs we will always be on the hunt for Walleye.  A quick look at the weather and a recent report from our guy in the “know” Nate Pauls determined that we should head back to this years favourite destination… Travers Reservoir.

We set off in the early morning and it wasn’t long before we were pulling into Little Bow Provincial Park for another go at some Walleye.  The morning was crisp but comfortable as we headed to one of our usual spots.  Holes were drilled and various depths were probed with the usual “go to” lures and it wasn’t long before the first walleye was landed.    PK Flutterfish as well as Buckshot Rattle Spoons in orange seemed to work better than others.

The snow and underlying slush made exploration somewhat challenging but considering the hell that the Lower Kananaskis Lake put us through it was a relative cake walk to explore the full length of the deep channel we were fishing.  We managed to find fish in various depths but only a few of the many marked were coaxed into biting.  That said, each and every one that was landed was a healthy specimen and big enough to put a real bend in our medium-heavy action rods.

As with previous outings, once one of us (she shall remain nameless) marked and hooked  fish in a hole, the hut was set up and that patch of ice was mined for every last fish including a few dandy ones!


Our successful outing concluded as the sun began to set and as we drove out of the park we were watched by a large herd of deer that frankly seemed quite content that we were leaving their territory.

One thought on “Travers Doesn’t Disappoint

  1. Again, its about the fishing!!!!! We need some Alberta input…..oh right that’s about the fishing. Looks like it was a great day.


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