Skunked on Crowsnest Lake


A discussion with a few ice fishing friends eventually lead its way to the swapping of “big”  Lake Trout stories and in particular,  those caught on Crowsnest Lake.  Today was the day we were going to try our luck there at catching a few leviathans.

In the wee morning hours we were heading towards Crowsnest Pass hoping that the weather would hold and that the snow in the Pass had not made trekking too tiresome.  Arriving as the sun was starting to brighten the surroundings we stopped to figure out a way to access Emerald Lake which is connected under certain lake levels to Crowsnest Lake via a shallow channel.  The size of the lake of it made it ideal to escape if the winds kicked up.


Arriving at the final destination, we pulled into the large parking area along Crowsnest Lake, loaded our sleds and started our search for deep water and ideally some structure.  Typical for an Alberta winter, the winds were gusting strong and carried a chilling cold as we started to punch holes.  We managed to mark the odd fish on our electronics but they were few and far between and seemingly uninterested in our offerings.  Our lure arsenal was completely exhausted with only rejection to show for it and our patience was fading fast.

Deciding we would fish our way back to the truck and then if time permitting possibly go to Emerald Lake.  We left Crowsnest Lake and drove around to the access area we had found but by our somewhat jaded minds figured there wasn’t enough time in the day to make the hike down worthwhile.

On our way back home, we pulled in to Chain Lakes to see what was going on and it turns out we didn’t get the memo like the rest of the ice anglers we saw! Hundreds of people were out ice fishing, quading and even BBQing. Wow!


Only slightly affected by the skunking at Crowsnest, we decided that a trip back to Lower Kananaskis Lake the next day was the perfect place to change our odds.  Spoiler Alert! Wrong.  It sucked. No fish.  Nice scenery … but no fish.


Every good angler has his/her off days, even us.  After a tough two days of fishing, it time to head home, regroup, rethink and try again next weekend.  Maybe with some new intel and more research, or just better luck!




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