2017 Calgary Boat and Sportsman Show

Fishing was on the horizon for the weekend and what better way to start things off than to saunter down to the Calgary Boat and Sportsman Show on its’ opening day!  The tickets we picked up in advance were scanned at the door as we entered the main building.   We were immediately greeted with a flashy display of wakeboard boats which we should mention dominate the boating world in Alberta.

Vendors and purveyors of fine goods and services lined the travel ways that criss-crossed the large venue.   We dropped in at the GPS Central booth to explore the various electronics options that we hope in the near future will be equipped on a new fishing boat.  The Lowrance Marine expert was on hand to field our barrage of questions relating to the real-time bathymetry mapping options available.

We stopped in to visit with our friends at the The Fishin Hole booth which was just starting to  get busy as more and more people made their way into the show.


Our noses detected the smell of fried sweets as we worked our way through the booths leading us to fresh donuts and what turned out to be the perfect show snack!

What seemed to be a statue drew us over to the Alberta Birds of Prey Centre where we found that it was actually a real Great Horned Owl that was perched watchful but unmoving in front of a crowd of onlookers.  Also on display were a few other species that evaded our identification though one did look very similar to the Burrowing Owls we had encountered during our first time tarpon fishing trip to Florida .   A gaggle of kids lined the front of the display to take a peak at some fledgling Great Horned owls that were riding a very fine line between cute and creepy.


Even though we will always be “boat pullers” as opposed to “trailer pullers”  we couldn’t help but appreciate some of the RV’s on display.  In particular, the advanced design and slick styling of the Airstream Base Camp had us re-considering our preferences if only for a moment.

We passed dozens and dozens of monstrous wake boarding boats and yet we were disappointed by the fact that not a single tiller-steer, fishing boat option was found.  That disappointment passed quickly when instead of discussing boat options …we spent the rest of the evening “discussing” why one of us desperately needed a SHERP to survive and how the $150K+  price tag was a reasonable expenditure to ensure that we would be able to access any place in North America in our quest for adventure.  Sadly we didn’t get a SHERP ….. yet.







One thought on “2017 Calgary Boat and Sportsman Show

  1. That really looked like a lot of fun. I loved the silver “bullet” (camper). Glad you had the time to have some fun and relax…I hope! Love mum

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