All Eyes Are On Travers


A concerted angling effort was applied to Travers Reservoir this hardwater season from first ice well into January.  Each time a little more was learned about this body of water and the fish that elusively swam under the ice.  Weather played a significant factor over the multitude of trips and ranged from extreme cold with heavy snow to warm with glare ice and gale force winds.  Unfortunately, these conditions drastically hampered our ability to capture photographs and video of the various forays.  A story we are sticking to.


Walleye were typically found in the early part of the day in depths around 17′ at the top of the old river channel that snakes across the bottom of the reservoir.  Later in the day they seemed to transition to the bottom of the channel in depths between 20′ and 22′.  As always there were exceptions and some days they were no where to be found despite hours of searching.  It should be mentioned that Northern Pike were also caught quite readily during each outing.   Boo Pike.  Every once and awhile burbot and the odd whitefish would join in on the fun and add to the species tally.

The Northland Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon proved to be a consistent bait in various colour including UV Pink Tiger, UV Glo Perch and Golden Perch.  These were fished mostly bare and at times tipped with minnow heads.  The choice of using meat on the hooks was largely dependant on how picky the fish were.  When actively hunting, the Yo-Zuri Hardcore vibe lipless crank and the discontinued Storm Thunderblade in white with a chartreuse head proved to be really effective.  The ‘old school’  Acme Sidewinder in silver with green finish also got the job done.  Once settled into a spot the PK Spoons and PK Flutter Fish in Pearl Chartreuse, Firetiger, and Red Dot Glow  were routinely called into service with notable success.  When darkness hit on certain days it was the deadstick rod with a Northland Thumper Jig tipped with a frozen minnow that was constantly being wacked by ravenous Walleye.

Travers Reservoir proved to be an enjoyable and relatively consistent waterbody to fish on the hardwater.    While the truly big Walleye eluded us later in the season, respectable 50 cm to 55 cm fish were caught frequently enough (mainly by Nate!) to earn the reservoir a 4 out of 5 star rating from Exploring Alberta Team.



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