Walleye Hunt on Rollings Hills


Rolling Hills Reservoir had been skipped over a number of times as a destination during the early 2017 hardwater season for a number of reasons but most significantly there has been an uncertainty of access at our usual launch points because of heavy snow.  It was time to take a chance!

As the municipal road finally changed to cart path the impetuous decision was made to trust the truck and just push on through the foot and a half layer of snow across the trail.  Arriving at the launch point with ease the fishing gear was quickly packed into the sled.  The hard packed snow made the laden sled easy to pull across the crust.


A series of holes were drilled to fish the edge of a sharp drop off where a shallow bay dumped into a deeper basin.  It wasn’t a minute of jigging before the flash on the electronics and aggressive strike on the lure resulted in the first of “many” Northern Pike.  When “many” is used in this instance the reader is encouraged to imagine a ludicrous  amount of unwanted and untargeted Pike interrupting a focused pursuit for walleye.

Despite the relentless attacks by Pike a few random Walleye were coaxed into taking various offerings throughout the day.  They were not the biggest of specimens but they certainly were a sight for sore eyes!

As the last light faded and the sled was packed back into the truck the first bit of apprehension was felt that the truck might not make it back out to the road.  As it turned out the drive out was uneventful with the exception of a 30m long uphill stretch that resulted in the truck moving slowly forward but facing sideways!





One thought on “Walleye Hunt on Rollings Hills

  1. Trying to imagine a truck moving forward, but facing sideways doesn’t work in my head David, but these days and at my age, a lot of things don’t work in my head! I’m am glad you made it, however it was accomplished.

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