Saskatoon Farms in Winter


Another extremely full day of activities began with a trip to Saskatoon Farms.  We had thoroughly enjoyed our previous visit and thought it would be a great place to check out under winter conditions.

We pulled through the gates in the early morning and strolled between the buildings and out to the valley overlook.  The river and valley below us sparkled as the sun reflected off the ice crystals that covered everything.

We found our way to the main building and went inside.  We perused the  merchandise displayed in various rooms and  throughout the hallways  before getting a table at the restaurant for a bite.  Saskatoon Berry Scones were ordered and devoured immediately  upon arrival.  In a word … transcendental.

We spent a little more time exploring the eclectic mix of items for sale as well as the amazing storefronts before heading back out to the car to continue on with the days adventures.


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