Christmas Comes Early to Spruce Meadows!



We piled into the car and proceeded to the next stop in our planned adventures.  We were off to Spruce Meadows to take in the annual Christmas Market.  It is an extremely well attended market that is held over three weekends in advance of Christmas.  The Spruce Meadows grounds is called into service to cater to the thousands of visitors that will stroll through the gates and explore the myriad (over 250) of vendors.

We developed a strategy which saw us alternating between the vendors and artisans housed inside heated buildings and outdoor stalls to ensure we stayed warm.  This plan coupled with the use of strategically placed fire pits succeeded and we enjoyed each sight without the distraction of the cold air.

There was truly a little bit of everything available from art, photography, jewellery, carvings, metal, steampunk accessories and puppets to countless commercially manufactured items that could be appreciated.

We strolled through the various displays and also checked out Santa’s Reindeers that were being housed in their own personal stalls inside one of the buildings.

We enjoyed the products from small coffee roasters, purveyors of hot pepper jelly, culinary magicians offering beef, elk and buffalo jerky and some truly talented soup makers.

Festive statues were stationed throughout the market place representing many different countries.  A small Christmas passenger train was also located in the open area but security was tight so someone’s dream of becoming a conductor was immediately quashed.


We spent a few hours enjoying the experience before it was time to address our growing hunger.  A sushi dinner at our favorite place Kinjo Sushi and Grill and we were home in time to relax and enjoy each others company over drinks.

One thought on “Christmas Comes Early to Spruce Meadows!

  1. Again, our memories came flooding back. What a fun day that was..just like all the others. New sights, new foods and wonderful photos to revisit. Thank you so much, mum and dad.

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