The Majestic Sheep River Falls – A Guest Post


On our second visit with David and Silvia in Calgary, as with the first, we were treated like royalty.  We were introduced to many new places and discovered more western beauty everywhere we turned.

One of their experiences they were eager to show us, was the Sheep River.  Both Dave and Sil had fished and hiked there many times and during our stay with them they shared their stories with us. Once we reached the area of the Sheep River, they were a little unsure of where to park as we began our trek.  This worry was not due to lack of knowledge on their part, but because of the age and lack of sure-footedness on the part of their elderly companions.

While driving into the river valley, we had spotted some big horn sheep grazing at the edge of a ravine that looked down at the Sheep River.  We turned back and stopped at a Park Site parking lot that gave us the opportunity to read some information about the sheep which we saw.  After learning about them, we began a hike along a trail which allowed us to get closer for better photos.  A walk in bright sunshine, crispy cold air and fresh snow limbered  up some old bones, and invigorated us for the rest of the day.  We took our photos, breathed deeply the fresh air and returned to the car to  continue our trip.

Dave and Sil were excited about showing us the three falls on the Sheep River, but I am sure they were also a little worried about the terrain we were about to face.  After coming to a stop at another site further along the river, the first thing we needed to do was to navigate down a steep snowy hummock. With our urban poles at the ready, hanging on to proffered arms and with much encouragement, all four of us reached level ground…..for a while.  Next we clambered up some snow covered rocks, walked over a little babbling brook by using aptly placed stepping stones, until we came to the river’s edge where we could see and photograph the three separate falls.

Perched safely beside the river, our cameras were put to work recording the beautiful sight that was before us and even taking funny selfies.

After enjoying the uniqueness of each of the falls, and snapping many pictures to help struggling memories, we stood in awe of the water’s beauty and listened to our guides share their wealth of knowledge about the river system before us.  Our drive home in the twilight of the day,  enabled us to relax with the memory of what we had seen, and to feel the great love for the environment that Dave and Sil had revealed in the course of this special day.


Many thanks to Mum and Dad for the guest post and for joining us for another winter adventure.  Maybe summer next time?

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