Light Up Okotoks!


To close out the day we headed to Okotoks to take in the Light Up Okotoks festival.  Like true tacticians, we had previously scouted a route and spot to park that allowed us to access the downtown with very little effort.  We found the parking was organized and well marked near the core but it is  safe to say that arriving early was a great advantage.  With a bit of time before the festival kicked off we made a quick shopping stop and then enjoyed warm drinks looking out onto the street as the finally preparations were made.

With the main street closed down for the evening the venders booths and the purveyors of hot chocolate, cider, scones, pizzas and fire pits were set out with body-warming frequency along the entire street.

We took full advantage of these spots to warm up and observe the gathering throngs of people enjoying the cold night as well as to wolf down a pizza!

We walked the downtown from end to end and we took in the festive atmosphere.  It really capped off an incredible day with family as the huge, decorated tree in the centre square was lit up to the pure enjoyment of thousands of onlookers.



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