Good Eats and Great Spirits


Wanting to make the most of the time we had with family, we decided to share some of our favorite places so we started our adventure with a plan to grab something to eat at the Chuckwagon Cafe!  The drive to Turner Valley could not have offered a better view of the foothills as the snow and clouds were rapidly being replaced by blue sky.

Our timing of arrival was perfect and we were seated immediately.  Moments later a steady stream of people started to fill the entrance to the cafe.  The service was warm and attentive throughout our meal.  As we have come to expect the food was great. We lingered a bit after lunch and stole opportunities in between seatings to get a good look at the fantastic artwork of Will Magee that hangs on numerous walls of the cafe.

With our engines refuelled we sauntered next door to the Eau Claire Distillery.   As some may remember, our appreciation for the spirits from the Distillery began on a fishing trip late last season and continues to this day.  On the docket for this visit … the full tour and tasting!

Our “Spirit Guide” explained in great detail the history of the Eau Claire Distillery, their current methods and excitedly shared their upcoming foray into the world of single malt whiskeys.  It was a very informative and enjoyable tour of the entire operation and it concluded with an equally pleasant sampling of four of their finest spirits.

Checking out the numerous spirits available in the store, Mom and Dad were happy that they had room in their luggage for a bottle or two although judging by the way “someone”enjoyed the Prickly Pear Equineox … there was not enough room.  A bottle of seasonal Gin Rummy and Parlour Gin also made into the car heading home.


We are all looking forward to their single malt whiskey once it reaches the appropriate age  for release to the market! That and of course the next batch of Dill Pickle Vodka which can’t come soon enough!


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