A Little Walleye Fishing Before the Freeze Up


So what does an angler do when the lakes haven’t frozen over yet but you still want to go out and catch Walleye?  You listen to your buddy Rick when he says he knows a spot to fish Walleye from shore on the fly!

Inspired by the thought of catching Walleye AND getting some hand delivered donuts from the Donut Mill we were on the road and heading north to the Red Deer River to meet up with Rick.  He told us to meet him at the downstream end of the dam that impounds the Red Deer River to form Glennifer Lake approximately 20km west of Innisfail.

We arrived a little late after a short, unexpected detour (read lost) and while we ate a few donuts the rain finally stopped allowing us to gear up.  Rick and Silvia strung up their fly rods and I rigged up my float rod and re-aquainted myself with my Match Aerial Centre Pin reel.  I affixed the famous Candy Corn balanced leech under a balsa wood float and flopped it into the water about 3′ off the shore as I prepared my first cast in years with this set up.  Moments after landing in the water my float dunked as I stared at it confused … how could that possibly be a fish? In my daze I missed the hook set.  I casted out poorly and managed to land the rig about 6′ off the shoreline and within moments it went down again!  This time there was no hesitation with the hook set and it was on.  The first of many Walleye to be caught!

Not to be out done Rick and Silvia spread out along the shore and it wasn’t long before they each were hooked up on Walleye.  The Walleye were in the river thick and we continued to catch them with only short interludes of quiet between each fish.  We didn’t count how many we caught throughout our time there but suffice to say there were many that came to hand.


Many thanks to Rick for the amazing intel and joining us on this cool and wet fishing day … and of course …  thanks yet again for the donuts.


2 thoughts on “A Little Walleye Fishing Before the Freeze Up

  1. Yet again another fishy story! Glad to hear that Silvia was along to show you guys how to fish. Your photos, as usual, are worthy of a magazine of your own. Awesome as always.

    Liked by 1 person

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