Again with the “I want what Phil had” ?


As you can all well imagine, the recent memories, photos and social media exposure about an Undeniably Epic fishing trip can often create some grandiose expectations of visiting anglers who get to fish with the Exploring Alberta Team.  On his last day fishing with us, and even with the number of renowned rivers close by to choose from, Matt had already declared weeks earlier “I want want Phil had”on the Sheep River.  Here begins Part 2 of Matt’s story.

During the journey west we tried to moderate everyone’s expectations through rational discussion about how there was a very good chance that during the weeks that had passed since Phil’s visit, the Bull Trout migration might be in a very different state.


Fast forward to the group of anglers standing together on the banks of the Sheep River.  Rigged up with the usual flies and slightly less shot due to slightly lower water levels Matt casted into the first pool.  Matt was informed that the typical take of a Bull Trout taking a dead-drifted nymph was akin to being “hung up on bottom”.   Moments later Matt’s indicator slowly lagged in the current and Matt tightened up on a big Bull Trout.  Deep head shakes immediately followed and the fight was on.


Encouraged by Matt’s desire to fish water that was completely new we ventured farther downstream than we ever had in previous trips.  The river was truly spectacular as the black canyon walls tightened on the deepening channel.

We slowly fished our way back and spent a bit more timing sinking flies into the deep pools we had passed.  We caught a respectable number of Bull Trout, a few terrorized Cutthroat Trout and even a few whitefish.

The last day of Matt’s fishing trip in Alberta ended with a memorable double header!  We couldn’t have hoped for anything better in a fishing trip!


We couldn’t understand why we started to get phone calls from complete strangers wanting to stay and fish with us … but then we saw this on Yelp which explained everything.

Matt Randall writes  After almost a year of searching B&B’s in Calgary I stumbled upon this quaint little spot in the burbs…Sil & Dave’s Bed and Breakfast for Wayward Anglers. I was surprised that a pick up from the airport was included in the package but was disappointed that turndown service wasn’t….I guess you can’t have it all. During my stay I received the VIP treatment from home roasted coffee to first pass through each pool (until Sil took over). The rivers were spectacular, the scenery was beautiful and the fishing was even better. I was able to add a few new species to my list and a couple PB’s during my stay. If anyone is planning on visiting Calgary and is looking for a great place to say I would highly recommend Sil & Dave’s Bed and Breakfast for Wayward Anglers.  5/5 stars!

Thanks for that Matt …. you are always welcome back to the Wayward Anglers but stop giving out our phone numbers.

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