Fishing the Oldman with Matt!


A family fishing trip to Saskatchewan brought our fishing buddy Matt Randall (Esquire) to Calgary a few days early so that he could cast off the shackles of his spinning gear and pick up a fly rod  with the Exploring Alberta team!  We had essentially two days to to get Matt into fish on a fly rod before Greyhound would carry him on his journey to Saskatchewan where he would surely pick up the spinning rod again.  We had just the plan.

Matt took in the scenery as we headed towards the Oldman River.  Having heard first hand from Phil how his fishing experience was, Matt was already stoked but with composure and sincerity  he stated for the first time  ” I want what he (Phil) had“.   A tall order to be sure but we were determined to fish hard.

Matt both impressed and surprised us with his abilities with a fly rod having kept his past angling prowess for Atlantic Salmon a secret for the years we had known him.  The man sure got it done and caught fish throughout the day.  An ear to ear grin plastered on his face.

Uplifted by the success we had catching the Oldman River trout, we headed back to Calgary for some much needed food and rest.  After all we had to be in top form to fish the Sheep River early the next morning.




4 thoughts on “Fishing the Oldman with Matt!

  1. David….another happy friend…too bad being a fishing guide doesn’t keep you clothed and fed, or I know you would have a clientele from near and far. All would have happy faces like Matt and Phil. Those pictures alone would sell the fishing trips.

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