Ram River Redux


The time was upon us for another journey to the Ram River for our second annual fishing/camping trip, strategically timed to coincide with a gathering of the Rowley and Vanderwater clans.

After an uneventful journey north and west we headed down the Forest Trunk Road to search out a spot to camp and fish on the banks of the North Ram River.  Returning to a familiar access point we stumbled upon the perfect little camp site compete with neatly stacked and ample supply of firewood!

We set up camp and fixed ourselves a quick bite to eat before we hit the river.  The river flows were less than we had experienced during our first excursion to the Ram but fishing the various runs and pools still yielded some beautiful Cutthroat Trout.  We caught fish into the late afternoon before retiring back to camp for a fire and drinks!



We have to admit that despite some stiff muscles from a camping (air mattress) sleep, it was absolutely perfect to wake the following morning and hear the river a short distance away.  A leisurely breakfast followed and another day casting a fly to hungry fish.

Upon returning to our campsite in the afternoon we were greeted by an RCMP officer who was investigating a “crime against livestock” which is too hard to explain but suffice to say … there are some sick people in the world.  We conversed at length about his enforcement responsibilities as well as his personal mission to educate users of the wilderness areas in his jurisdiction.  Keep up the great work Officer ….


After another relaxing evening and peaceful sleep we were awake and on the move to see if  our good friends the Rowley and Vanderwater posse had arrived.  Scoping out their usual camping location but unable to track anyone down we decided to explore and fish our way downstream.  Our efforts were rewarded with many beautiful Cutthroat Trout.

Upon returning to our starting point we finally met up with the rest of the gang and enjoyed drinks and great company around a blazing fire.  Just before saying goodnight and returning to our camp site we made arrangements for our last day of fishing which would see us fishing all the way down to the group camping spot and getting a ride back to our camp to pack up and return to Calgary.

It turned out to be a great plan as we explored and fished a long section of river during the one way hike.  See you next year Ram River!!





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