Drifting the Bow River with Phil


We had to load the pontoon boats and fishing gear in the truck quickly to make sure we wouldn’t miss our “shuttle” to the river.  Speaking of course about the lift to the put-in we were getting from someone who again sadly, couldn’t escape the office for the day.

It was a very short drive to our Mackenzie Lake put-in location and we quickly offloaded our gear.  We enjoyed the familiarity of preparing for the day on the water which brought back memories of the hundreds of river miles that we had fished and explored together during our friendship.   With nothing left to do but wave goodbye to Silvia,  we pushed off to start our leisurely drift under a sunny sky and warm breezes.

To be fair to us, it is difficult to effectively fish a river like the Bow River when you are in a pontoon as it often requires the simultaneous need to fish AND steer the craft but we did what we could. We frequently pulled the boats to shore when we happened upon particularly good spots that might produce a trout or two.  In between our angling efforts we both enjoyed the amazing sights of the Bow River valley while sipping cold drinks and listening to some tunes.

We managed quite a few fish along the way as we kept pace with the setting sun.  Our timing was perfect as we rowed into the launch area at MacKinnon flats but not before battling another beautiful Rainbow Trout.

It had been an idilic day to explore close to 30 kilometres of Bow River valley from the water for the very first time.  We finished the last of our cold drinks sitting on the deflated pontoons as we waited for our pick up.

For as amazing as our day had been we still couldn’t help getting “giggly” with the thoughts of our next fishing destination.   Tomorrow would bring the long awaited trip to the Crowsnest and Oldman River that would include an overnight camp on the banks of the Oldman River.



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