Fishing with my Best Buddy!


The plan was exquisite in its’ simplicity.   Take Phil Anderson fishing in Alberta and make him want to come back again really soon.  And today that plan went into motion.

His morning flight from Ontario arrived on time and in true “red carpet” fashion he was greeted at the baggage carousel with a warm hug.  We caught up with stupidly big grins on our faces until his bags spilled onto the conveyor and we booked it to the truck.


Returning home we settled in and discussed the strategy for the next few days of fishing over a freshly brewed coffee (home roasted beans for our Tier 1 guests of course).  It was decided that a long drift of the Bow River would begin at 0900hrs the next day which left us the afternoon to fish.  Conveniently located in a City with a world-renowned trout fishery, it seemed the best choice to get Phil’s boots wet in so we packed the truck and headed east to fish the Bow River at MacKinnon Flats.   Coincidently this was also our intended take out point the next day.

We pulled on our waders, strung our rods and set off down the shore to the usual spot.  Pretty sure that it took Phil only 4 or 5 casts using a Copper John with a Squirmy Wormy dropper to hook and land his first Alberta Rainbow.


We slowly worked our way down the shoreline managing to hook a couple more fish over the course of the afternoon.

Our big stupid grins that started at the airport hadn’t seemed to have lessened as we got back in the truck and headed home for dinner with Silvia.  Shortly after a late supper Phil was directed to bed (after he was repeatedly caught snoring on the couch) to ensure that he would be in the best possible fishing condition for the rest of the trip.

None of us could have known at that moment that the upcoming trips were going to crescendo into a fishing experience of a lifetime for all of us.







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