Who Could Say “No” to a Night in a Yurt?


The fantastic staff at Stoney Lake Lodge presented us with an invitation to fish Mini Lake and then spend our final night in British Columbia in a yurt if we were interested … without hesitation we said we would be thrilled to!  Which brings us to Part 2 of the story…

We said our goodbyes to the staff and a few of our fellow guests and then we were in the truck and on our way.  A short drive from the lodge we took the turn off the main gravel road and down the trail to Mini Lake.  Mini Lake is long and narrow and winds itself through the rolling landscape and was quite unlike Stoney Lake.  It wasn’t long before we arrived at our Yurt and got ourselves settled in.  The yurt was like none we had ever seen and had all the amenities to offer complete comfort.

We quickly prepared a bite to eat in the well equipped kitchen and then we were out the door and in the boat.  We were informed of a few spots to try on Mini but no sooner had we left our dock  we started marking fish and seeing rises.  So we decided to start within 100m of our unique accommodations and we we started catching spunky Rainbow Trout through till dark.

It wasn’t long before we lost count of the number of fish that had made it to hand.

Having landed a pile of trout between the two of us we headed back to shore.  We enjoyed hot chocolate/coffee and Baileys in front of the wood stove and relaxed.  After a lengthy discussion of the “need” for a yurt of our own we stepped outside to capture a few images of the night sky.


We slept soundly until morning and after a stretch we were out on the deck with hot beverages and camera in hand taking in nature.


We fished for a few hours in the morning and even managed to continue our catching streak for another couple dozen fish before we returned to pack up the truck.

We were both thrilled with our experience at Stoney Lake Lodge and Mini Lake and also so very grateful for the hospitality we received.  Definitely above and beyond service.Without question …. Douglas Lake Ranch is truly a great place to get back to what is important.



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