Fishing at the Ranch

dsc_4335Capitalizing on a fantastic two-for-one promotional package offered by the good folks at Douglas Lake Ranch, we were headed into the interior of British Columbia to fish for a few days at the famous Stoney Lake Lodge as well as a fishing stop (or two) along the way.

Planning to make the most of the extended weekend we loaded up the camping gear alongside the fishing kit and pointed the truck westward.  The journey to the Kamloops was enjoyable with only sunny skies in the forecast.  We stopped to admire the countryside and fish Stump Lake for a couple hours and then set up camp on the shores of Bleeker Lake and while the fish were rising we opted to sit back and enjoy the warmth of a campfire.

We packed u camp and in short order we were arrived the next day at Stoney Lake Lodge and were warmly greeted by the staff, directed to our rooms and then immediately set up with a well appointed boat so we could start fishing whenever we desired.  Confident in our stillwater fishing abilities we set off to try our luck and it wasn’t long before we were catching beautiful and feisty Rainbow Trout!  While we were hoping for some good chironomid fishing, it was not in the cards.  This was leech fishing time and productive!  Not surprisingly … the Candy Corn was again called into service and was extremely effective on these British Columbia fish.

After a great start to the fishing we returned to the lodge to get ready for dinner.  With a fantastic Caesar in hand, the slowly setting sun over Stoney Lake was enjoyed from the vantage of a sprawling deck (complete with hot tub).

A fabulous dinner was shared with other guests of the lodge where fishing tales were swapped freely.  When we say fabulous, we mean fancy. Over two days we were treated to salmon wellington, fresh Douglas Lake Ranch beef burgers, duck breast, duck confit salad and breakfasts that could feed a giant!  After dinner we continued to enjoy the company of the other guests around the fire place before retiring to our comfortable room.

The fishing started early the next day after a hearty breakfast and we continued to successfully fish and explore the lake.  We caught a LOT of respectable fish during our visit though no monsters were landed.  We also experienced a loon that has become very familiar with the guests of the Lodge , particularly when they release fish noticeably drained from an angling struggle.  It is enough to say the loons are a much bigger bird than one might realize AND they are quite disconcerting as they swim by as you are at waters edge leaning over the gunnel of a boat.

We would highly recommend Stoney Lake Lodge to anyone that wants to get out and stillwater fish for Rainbow Trout while being pampered with delicious food and warm hospitality by their friendly staff.

dsc_4344Knowing that we had intended to camp and fish one more night in the Kamloops Region before returning to Calgary, our gracious hosts at Stoney Lake Lodge offered us the opportunity to fish Mini Lake (nearby) and stay the night in a Yurt!  … but that is another adventure!




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