Free pancakes and sausage you say ?


I’m not sure we will ever fully understand the Calgary Stampede phenomena of the pancake breakfast but we sure can grow to appreciate it!  Our Community is one of countless others that host pancake breakfast during the Stampede and realizing that this was one of those rare opportunities to directly enjoy the fruits of our annual fees…breakfast it is.

We have really enjoyed the walkability of our community and within only a few minutes up the road the smell of breakfast greeted us from the town centre.  The cordoned-off streets were filled with people taking in the richness of sights and sounds, not to mention the delicious aromas.

The process of feeding the hungry masses involved a well organized series of stations that kept people moving right along.  Once breakfast had been enjoyed there were a number of other activities and performances for young and old alike.  There were pony rides and roping stations, a petting zoo and a grand stand (albeit a little less than grand) were a marching band and featured country rock band performed.


From what I could tell the MacKenzie Towne Pancake Breakfast was a huge success and we will certainly come back again … same time next year!


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