Hunting Walleye with Nate!


In Alberta we have been fortunate to find a pretty rich diversity of fishing options that keeps our angling addiction well satiated.  However, every once and awhile symptoms of withdrawal start to manifest and an intense craving wells up for a certain type of angling.  Unable to resist the desire any longer it was time to chase Walleye on the open water and I knew just the fellow “junkie” to call upon… Nate Pauls.  It is indeed fortunate to have a similarly “addicted” friend and even more fortuitous that he happens to be an incredibly successful and well rounded Walleye fisherman (with a boat).

We met up in the early morning at the Rolling Hills Reservoir Campground marina, loaded up the necesseties and launched the boat with big stupid grins on our faces despite the windy conditions and growing chop.

It was great to fish over many of the areas of the lake that we had ice fished  for walleye and it really helped understand the contours and structure found in southern Alberta reservoirs.  As was to be expected it didn’t take Nate long before he was into a few nice fish.


Noticing that the wind was pushing a “mud line off a steep faced shoreline.   Nate set us up to bottom bounce spinner rigs while explaining that these type of mud lines tend to congregate baitfish and at the same time offer top predators a chance at an easy meal.    He skillfully back-trolled  along the edge of the cloudy water and in no time we were into fish

Before long the wind and waves forced us to sit out a short-lived but heavy rainfall on a small island but once the storm passed we were off again catching more nice walleye vertical jigging before packing it in for the day.


All in all we managed to catch quite a few in the 27″ range  (though kinda lean around 6lbs) and lots in the 2 to 3 lb range.  We know it is only a matter of time before we crack the 10lb mark a few times.  Can you say fall walleye!

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