Reaching the Summit


Sorry to the few mountaineering enthusiast who have been intentionally tricked into reading this adventure thinking it would be about mountain climbing … Ya … like that would ever happen!  In actual fact this is yet another fishing tale about Summit Lake in British Columbia where Rainbow Trout had a reputation of growing pretty big.

Taking advantage of an invitation to fish once again with our buddy Rick, the pontoon boat was loaded into the truck and all the lake gear was packed.  Unable to sleep, the journey began in the wee hours of the morning taking mere moments to load up the thermos and travel mug with some home roasted coffee.

The sun was just starting to rise as the pontoon was launched and the hunt was on.  Various techniques and flies were tried to no avail.  Switching to a balanced leech under a vertical depth regulator (bobber) a beautiful Rainbow Trout couldn’t resist the offering and an impassioned battle followed. Rick, who had arrived shortly after sun up also managed to hook up on a few.


The wind grew steadily throughout the day and by late afternoon we went ashore to wait out the worst of the gusts.  Rick was not inclined to sit idly by and proceeded to hook and land a beautiful trout within 3 ft of shore.  Inspired by his success, a Bruised Leech under an indicator was drifted along the windswept shoreline at our feet and a couple more trout were landed.


Overall, Summit Lake was enjoyable to fish, manageable in size, rich in structure and the hard-fighting fish were challenging to hook.  This lake will be enjoyed many more times in the future.

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