Booked at Police Outpost Lake


Our never-ending pursuit for amazing new places to fish in Alberta had led us this particular Sunday  to fish Police Outpost Lake.  We had heard about this lake a few times since we have lived in Alberta but hadn’t yet made the 2.5hr drive south.   Todays was the day that we loaded the pontoon boats (Thank you Phil Rowley for the gracious loan of one from your fleet), and headed south to Police Outpost Provincial Park.

As we started getting closer to our destination south of Cardston the grasslands became more rolling with steeper ridges and deeper coulees leading to wetlands and ponds that dot the  landscape.  As is typical for southern Alberta we could also feel the wind start to sway the truck.

We were distracted from the grim realities of high winds on a fishing trip by the impressive Chief Mountain located in northern Montana.  We should share that despite the close proximity to the border with the United States we did not see any American people fleeing the possible tyranny of Trump.  It most likely went unnoticed only because of the extremely low population densities in Montana making the occurrences more infrequent.

Winding our way through the campground we made our way to the boat launch area to fully take in the lake and confirm how big the whitecaps we noticed on the way in actually were.


We decided to cook up a lunch and discuss our options as the main lake appeared to be out of the question.  We ran into two other fellow anglers, Joe and George (also from Calgary) who were camping in the park debating the same dilemma.  Unsurprisingly it was decided that we were going to try and fish the partially sheltered bay at the launch and wait out the wind. Funny enough our new friends also came to the same decision and arrived later in the afternoon with their boats.

Not going to lie … fishing was less than ideal as we were battered around by waves and strong gusts which made anchoring the boats near to impossible unless we retreated deep into the shallows of the only sheltered bay.

Working with what we had, we managed to boat a few Rainbow Trout before our fishable area and patience dwindled.   We packed down the boats and headed home satisfied that we had fished well under the circumstances and with the hope that we would someday get a chance to be challenged fishing the main lake.

2 thoughts on “Booked at Police Outpost Lake

  1. Hi Dave!
    Love the pics and storyline.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Joe and I are down there most weekends during the open water months and will definitely be there again next year.Hopefully we can connect and organize an early season fish.Would be a pleasure to see you and your wife again.
    Tight lines and even tighter friendships,

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