Discovery of a Distillery


During one of our trips through Turner Valley on our way to go fishing, we noticed the storefront of the Eau Claire Distillery.  In fact we noticed that there was a patio and upon further inspection it even had a bar!  We just had to stop and check it out.

It turns out that the Eau Claire Distillery is the first craft Distillery in Alberta and has quite an origin story worthy of reading about.  We explored the nicely displayed spirits and other products while we overheard parts of what appeared to be a tour being enjoyed by another couple.  We sauntered over to the bar and asked the bartender who we liked to refer to as our “Spirits Advisor” about the Distillery.  Of particular interest was the Dill Pickle Vodka since one of us is a huge Caesar fan and immediately saw the potential.  Fortunately enough, the fine minds at the Eau Claire Distillery had a similar thought and created a Caesar to celebrate the flavourful vodka.  We chatted further as the drink was meticulously prepared and then infused with maple wood smoke. In a word … Incredible.

We walked out extremely happy with the new smoke-infused Caesar experience and a bottle of dill pickle vodka in hand knowing that we would be back in future to take the full tour and enjoy their next featured spirit.


3 thoughts on “Discovery of a Distillery

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