A Visit to the Chuck Wagon Cafe


Hearing about the Chuck Wagon Cafe from one of our reliable Alberta informants and further recommended by a “You Gotta Eat Here” episode, we were eager to experience the tradition.  After a relatively short drive to south and west to Turner Valley we were welcomed and lead to our table at the Cafe. Our timing was impeccable as we just managed to get a table immediately before the line up at the door grew rapidly.

All of the items on the menu looked fantastic so after some discussion with our server we settled on the Steak and Eggs Benedict and Classic Burger.  Looking around the Cafe you see a large collection of cattle brands intermixed with cowboy art and even some fly fishing relics hung on the walls.  Artwork by (late) local artist Will Magee are prominent and each one’s whimsical cowboy caricatures, so rich in detail draw you in as you enjoy the surroundings.

You could tell looking around as we waited for our meals that our fellow patrons were a pretty even mix of locals, regulars and first timers like ourselves.  Our meals arrived, hot and looking very tasty.  Our eyes were right on the money.  The meals were both excellent and complimented by very attentive servers.

We will surely be back to the Chuck Wagon Cafe both for the food and as fortune would have it , it is located on our way to some amazing fishing grounds.


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