West Edmonton Mall and a Movie


Interestingly enough our trip to the West Edmonton Mall  was instigated by a deep loathing for the box office, moving-going experience in Calgary.  We are not sure whether the disdain we have for movies in Calgary comes from the shortage of theatres forcing you to see a movie like you were huddled with thousands of other tightly packed captives being forcibly indoctrinated into a cult … or … we had just become accustomed to the luxurious, dare I say decadent experience of watching movies in the comfort of a VIP theatre.  It matters not … we were heading to the closest VIP theatre we could find a mere three hours away.

In an interest to get the most of our journey we left well in advance so the we could experience all the attractions that the Mall had to offer.  Almost immediately upon walking through the doors you know that you are in a one-of-a-kind mall.  The stores were what you would expect, although arguably offering more options for the shopper.

We were taken aback by the incredibly colourful and “busy” Pirate’s Cove attraction.  One of us tried to assume command of the ship under the flag of the Dread Pirate “Grey Beard” but was repelled by mall security in a brief skirmish.  Wounds were licked while taking in a dazzling display by trained sea lions.  Yes, you read that right, sea lions in a mall.

We passed up the opportunity to play a round of miniature golf at Professor Wem’s Adventure Golf so as to prevent any “potential” issues arising from an assuredly competitive round.

We managed to see most of the attractions of the mall, including the World Water Park, Galaxy Land,  the Ice Palace and a quick stop at the food court before we had to head to our movie !



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