Chin Lake Open Water Walleye!


Early in the morning I saw a post on Facebook from a fishing buddy of mine Nate Pauls, explaining that he was at a boat launch ready to go fishing and was offering an invitation  for any one interested.  Knowing that I was a good two hours away I volunteered anyways not expecting that this type of spontaneous fishing trip could happen.  Generous as always, Nate just told me to text him when I got to the boat launch and he would come back and pick me up!  Hearing this I was packed and gone.

Being careful to avoid speeding (read speeding tickets) I arrived at the boat launch, texted Nate and waited with lunch, rods and tackle at the ready.  It wasn’t long before I could hear an outboard heading my way.  Nate and I loaded the boat and we were off to the first spot.

The high reservoir levels allowed us to get a pretty good look at an Osprey nest complete with two young fledglings.

Nate put us on to fish right away and even though the bite was fast and furious in the beginning it tapered off forcing us to move around in search of a few more hungry eyes.  We managed to pick up a few fish each time we varied our fishing approach making for a very rewarding day.

A very big thank you to Nate for making trips like this possible and helping me diversify my skills as a Walleye fisherman.


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