Nixon Odyssey – Farewell to the West


After a very restful sleep we all awoke to enjoy a light breakfast (read coffee) in the morning sun.  Making the best of the time we had left with Melanie and Steve we explored the campground.

We decided to head back to Bald Butte in the daylight to get a feel for the area when we could get a real good look at our surroundings.  When we arrived  at the site of our  Milky Way photography session we were amazed  by the incredible daylight view from Bald Butte where the horizon seemed like an ocean away.

As we gazed across the countryside we laughed and reminisced about the western leg of the Nixon Odyssey, which according to Steve and Melanie included “the most sphincter puckering drive” of their trip.  Speaking of course about the portion of the between the two Cypress Hills Park.  We later learned that their travel was even more stressful because the jeep was running on fumes and there was no gas station in sight on that sloppy mess of a road.  It was also agreed that none of us had seen a night sky quite as spectacular as the previous nights and as Steve put it “one of those sights that will be seared into our brains forever”.

There was a sadness in the air as we all knew that we would soon have to say farewell as they continued east towards home.   As we hugged goodbye with some tears and many incredible memories, Steve also mentioned that “while our hospitality was unequaled … he did have concerns that Silvia’s skill as a baker had him feeling like he gained 10 pounds”.  This was not surprising considering  we are pretty sure he ate most of the 3 dozen cookies that she prepared.

In the words of Melanie and Steve”till the next adventure .. we bid you adieu”.  We also hope you enjoy our little video montage of some of the moments.

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