Nixon Odyssey – Lake of Emerald and a Natural Bridge


Travelling east we drove through Glacier National Park and briefly stopped at Rogers Pass National Historic Site and learned how this route and mastery of the pass had connected Canada by rail from coast to coast in 1885.  Continuing east we ended up in the small town of Field, BC, situated on the banks of the Kicking Horse River having missed our turn off the TransCanada Highway. Blaming the re-paving construction crew working on the intersection and the distraction of the Kicking Horse River ( not just any river but a Canadian Heritage River ) we turned back and found the turn at Emerald Lake Road.  The short drive takes you to a large parking area where you can just get a glimpse of Emerald Lake.  Standing at the shore of the lake or on the wooden bridge leading to Emerald Lake Lodge you can’t help but be transported by the beauty of the view.

Of particular interest at the lakeshore is a viewing scope that allows you to look up at the Burgess Shale Beds which we learned were one of the richest fossil deposits in the world and designated in 1981 as a World Heritage Site.

As if planned, we were just heading back to the truck after enjoying the lake with only a few other admirers as four large tour buses started offloading their passengers.  That was close! After a quick drive down the road  we pulled into the parking area for the Natural Bridge. The Natural Bridge we discovered, was a perfect demonstration of the power of water as it carves it way through and around the exposed bedrock river channel.  The sound and sight of the rushing blue waters was captivating so we lingered for a little while longer before continuing our trek out of BC.

We made great time during the day so we took the  opportunity to stop in at Lake Louise for a quick picture before continuing on to the comforts of home in Calgary even if for  only one night before escorting the Nixon’s out of Alberta and into Saskatchewan … but that is another story.

One thought on “Nixon Odyssey – Lake of Emerald and a Natural Bridge

  1. Did you know than an artist could spend a lifetime and a half painting from the photos you have taken in just the short time you have been in the west……do you know of anyone? Love mum

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