Nixon Odyssey – A Short Hike to Wapta Falls


After spending a considerable amount of time over the past few days travelling it was a welcome sight to see the sign for Wapta Falls as we crept eastward into Yoho National Park.  You will note from the link content that Wapta Falls is the largest vertical drop on the Kicking Horse River and very accessible with only a 2.4km easy hike not to mention that it was highly recommended by staff at the Vistors Centre.

It is worth mentioning that earlier in the year we had purchased the Discovery Pass that you require if you intend to stop anywhere and enjoy the amazing sights and experiences the parks have to offer such as Wapta Falls.  To celebrate the 150th year of Confederation in 2017, the Federal government has made the 2016 pass valid through 2017 allowing us the chance to visit any national historic site or national park for free.  Regardless of which province you are in, be sure to get yours and explore the riches of Canada.

Well rested from a great night at Canyon Hot Springs, we struck off down the well groomed trail which begins as a gravel pathway from the parking lot.  Moving at a brisk pace we encountered a number of people returning from the falls.  We exchanged pleasant greetings with each of the groups and were assured each time that it was worthy of the walk to get there.

We were not disappointed as we began to hear and then finally see the falls.  Stopping to finish our coffees (yes hikers drink coffee on morning hikes), we took in the dramatic drop and admired the power of water.  The trail continued for another few hundred metres down a steep valley wall which would have offered a spectacular view looking up at the falls. Realizing the what ‘goes down, must come up’, we decided to save our strength, return to the truck and continue our journey.  After all there were many more amazing things to do and see!


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