Nixon Odyssey – Hot springs you say?

DSC_2599Starting early in the morning we seemed to time our travel to coincide with the early morning movements of black bears.  No more than 15 minutes up the road we spotted a mother and two cubs casually walking along the side of the road.  We managed to snap a few quick pictures as the family of bears scrambled away into the forest.  Continuing on only a few more kilometres we spotted another large black bear along the shoulder of the road. Luckily were able to warn some cyclists travelling towards the bear and avoid a surprise encounter that could have gone terribly wrong!


We continued northwards along Hwy 31 until we saw the turn for the ferry dock at Galena.  There were only a few other cars ahead of us as we came to a stop and bailed out of the truck for a stretch.  Walking down to the cobble beach area revealed the vast panorama of stone sculptures that had been created by travellers before us, as they waited for the ferry. It was quite an impressive sight and monument to a travellers “tradition”.

By the time the next ferry arrived quite a number of trucks and cars had stacked in behind us.  Within short order all the vehicles were parked on the ferry (with the exception of one poor fellow who just missed the gate) and we were underway to Shelter Bay which is a a quick jaunt across Upper Arrow Lake.  During the journey we enjoyed a chat with a woman originally from Guelph.  It certainly is a small world at times.  Once disembarked from the ferry we headed straight to Revelstoke where we stopped for a coffee and pastry and took in the town.

Having checked a few guide books we decided that we would head to Canyon Hot Springs for the night with plans for a relaxing soak in the natural (though chemically treated) hot spring.  A short drive from Revelstoke we arrived at Canyon Hot Springs and decided that we would book a couple of their quaint cabins and forego the tenting experience for a night.

Steak fajitas were prepared back at the cabins while Melanie and Steve enjoyed a luxurious soak in the hot spring water all the while taking in the view of the surrounding mountains.   Once dinner was finished and cleaned up, we enjoyed another fire, cigars and drinks well into the evening!

After a peaceful and comfortable night sleep without the sound of fireworks or crazy geese, we re-packed the truck and after a quick soak in the pools we set off again and continued the journey east.

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