Nixon Odyssey -Into the Interior


Everyone awoke early and it wasn’t long before Steve had a small fire crackling in the pit for us to gather around and enjoy our morning coffee/hot chocolate mixed with a splash of Kirkland Irish Cream.  For those readers unable to get this extremely tasty and economical Irish Cream in typical “Costco” sized bottles you are truly missing out.  Suitably fuelled with a cereal breakfast the camp was dismantled and re-packed into the truck.  With fresh coffee poured into travel mugs (without Irish cream this time of course) we were off again on the Kooteney Highway.  The plan … get north of Nelson, pile on nature and take in all the scenery!

The first leg of the journey was enjoyed under clearing skies and  after a quick pit stop in Cranbrook we were on the road towards Nelson via Creston.  This section of highway is stunning as it winds its’ way through tight passes, surrounded by mountains and often parallel to the incredible looking Moyie River. Even though no fishing gear was packed for this trip we did stop to get a better look and take some pictures.

We climbed so high in elevation that we were able to play in fresh snow at Bridal Lake in the Stagleap Provincial.  Having descended into the next valley we made our way west and north passing through Salmo on our route to Nelson. Kootenay  Lake began to dominate the view, with cool blue waters that many people were taking advantage of by swimming, boating and fishing.

At this point we were looking for a good spot to camp and prepare a feast of Alberta steaks cooked over a fire.  As luck would have it we spotted a sign for Mirror Lake Campground and pulled in.  The site we selected on the edge of Mirror Lake was perfect and it wasn’t long before we were set up and searing steaks while others enjoyed refreshing hot showers.

Climbing into the tents we settled our full bellies down and started to drift off.  The sleep was interrupted by the sound of a fire work that set off incessant honking of a Canada Goose.  It is not a lie that that #$@^&*! goose went on and on for over 10 minutes.  Periodically stopping just to get your hopes up before honking like crazy again.  Finally a silence settled for no more than 4 minutes before another firework was launched starting the goose again.  There was no other alternative but to laugh.

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