Boobies on the Bullshead


Now that your attention has been rooted … we should probably explain the title.

As you have read about in previous posts (2015 and earlier this season), the target of our angling excursion was, once again, the mighty Bullshead Reservoir.  The goal was  to see if we could bring a few more Rainbow Trout to the net before the aquatic vegetation growth made fishing from shore impractical.

We met up with our buddy Rick in the parking lot and discussed our strategy over donuts.  Not just any donuts but Donut Mill  donuts from Red Deer.  It is clearly on the record that Rick was invited for his companionship and his stillwater fishing excellence NOT because he drives right past the Donut Mill.

Seeing as the wind was blowing in a similar fashion as our last visit we headed off to the far end of the reservoir.  Spreading out along our “usual” stretch of shoreline we started casting.  The Candy Corn balanced leech was again called into service and resulted with immediate reward in the form of a 20″+ trout that annihilated it almost as soon as it started to sink.  In usual fashion the Candy Corn consistently took fish all afternoon.  DSC_2095DSC_2090

Wanting to mix up the presentations a bit, Sil tied a Tequila Booby onto a sink tip (6′ section of 600g for those that care to know) on a floating fly line and allowed to sink close to the weeds on the bottom and slowly stripped in to shore.  In theory, once a cast is made the count down begins as the fly starts to get pulled down to the desired depth, then you just strip… strip… strip … and during each pause the buoyant Booby (seriously who writes this stuff) starts to rise!  This fly and presentation is well known to reward anglers with bone-jarring strikes.  After a few casts and one missed strike, Sil was into a beautifully big and powerful trout. Her first trout using this technique!  Wanting to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, she took a few more fish on the Tequila Booby before switching to other methods and successfully catching even more fish.  Rick also mixed his presentations throughout the day between leeches and nymphs under and an indicator to fishing a booby.  He caught a lot of fish during the outing as he usually does and also managed to land an incredible Rainbow that was pushing 24 inches.

After an afternoon casting into strong wind gusts, we finally decided to call an end to a successful day of fishing.  A great big thank you to Rick for his fantastic company (and donut deliverys)!

2 thoughts on “Boobies on the Bullshead

  1. As usual, about fish or food, now it is about fish and food. Beautiful photos Sil and Dave, and well written. One day dad and I will eat one of those fish. Love mum

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