Wing and a Prayer


Word trickled into us about a popular place to go for plentiful, flavourful and inexpensive chicken wings served in a  dizzying array of styles,spices and sauces to dress them up.  Always looking for a chance at enjoying great wings we headed to a place called Mug Shotz Sports Bar and Grill to see what all the fuss was about.

We infrequently visit this part of the city so it took us a few attempts but we eventually found the place, parked the truck and sized up our destination from the outside.  We timed our visit to coincide with one of the popular wing specials called Wicked-ass Wing Wednesday which was a pretty appealing offer of at $8.25 per pound of wings.

This place is a must for those of you that want to experience a chicken wing that has been enhanced by your choice of upwards of 50 flavours including your basic mild to suicide sauces right up to  honey Sriracha, Thai Chili, Cajun Suicide and dill pickle to name only a scant few.

With some guidance from our server we settled on dill pickle, Louisiana Garlic Parmesean and their signature Mug Shotz salt and pepper that comes topped with fried red onion and peppers.  A serving of their french fries was also ordered to “balance” the complex flavours of the wings.



A large platter of wings , heaping plate of fries and an equally large stack of napkins (which made one of us extremely happy) were brought to us in short order.  We were very happy with our choices.  The wings were well cooked, appropriately seasoned and liberally sauced, which made for a winning combination.  The flavours and in particular the dill pickle was pleasantly fresh with the diced pickles on top ands lacked any “chemical” attempt to create that dill flavour. It was agreed that their signature salt and pepper was the favorite and the topping of fried onions and peppers took the wings beyond the standard fryer assembly line chicken wing.

We wouldn’t hesitate to return to Mug Shotz to try new flavours of wings and some really good french fries when the mood strikes us.





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