On the Hardwater in 2016


What better way to bring in the New Year than to head out onto the hardwater in search of walleye!  But first … to our loyal followers … it is greatly appreciated that you eagerly await our next post despite the fact that at this time of year you are subject to relentless posts about ice fishing walleye and coupled with the knowledge that the trend is likely to continue.  We thank you.


The debate about where we should target on this cold January morning occurred during the drive east towards Brooks, Alberta.  The choices were Rolling Hills Reservoir and Lake Newel or affectionately known in the inner circle as the “Lake That Shall Not Be Named”. Deep emotional scars formed by long, tedious hours of jigging without reward on Newel last year tipped the balance of the debate and we were locked on Rolling Hills Reservoir.

Arriving as the sun was coming up, holes were drilled strategically to fish a submerged point found during a previous outing, gaining us access to water depths between 17′ and 26′.  Then it was game on.  The fish activity we observed on our electronics was slow but consistent.  We both managed to land some beautiful walleye over the course of the day and also missed a few great opportunities to land even bigger specimens.

Numerous small walleye and the ever present “hammer handle” or “snot rocket” (small northern pike) also took our lures and jigs with frequency.

An incredible walleye weighing about 7lbs absolutely smashed a gold PK spoon that was being aggressively jigged close to bottom.  Which as you can see puts a huge smile on a persons face.

What an amazing start to 2016!  Let’s hope this streak continues.


2 thoughts on “On the Hardwater in 2016

  1. Again, I can’t believe the beautiful photos. Do you take all these fish out of the freezer for pictures in different locations? Seriously though, we know the thrill you get from fishing. Long may it last, and long may there be fish. Love mum

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