Last Ice Fishing Trip of 2015


Having already had a great start to the ice fishing season we were hell-bent to get out for one last fishing adventure in 2015!  Regardless of the sub zero temperatures and steady wind from the east, we loaded up and headed back to Rolling Hills Reservoir for another crack at the walleye.  Arriving late morning under bluebird skies we headed out to one of our  favourite spots and drilled a bunch of holes opening up  fishing opportunities in a range of water depths from 16′ to 27′.  Now as a reminder to our readers… it was cold … really cold which resulted in the need to wear goggles so eyes wouldn’t freeze shut (or open I suppose) in the face of steady winds. So before we start getting a lot of flack about goggle wearing (we mean you Brian S.) it was deemed required protective equipment with a suitable “cool factor”.  Fishing outside the Clam shelter was somewhat uncomfortable and required a lot of work to keep rod guides and lines free of ice but the walleye started to reward our efforts by late morning with a few smaller fish falling for the usual lures (gold PK Spoon and Flutterfish).  Between the pike, walleye and even a whitefish the action was pretty steady all day and by late afternoon things really started to heat up!  Silvia managed to battle and land a beast of a walleye that we estimate around the 6-7lb mark!  After that fish was landed … the shelter got a little more crowded as we both hunkered down and fished out the rest of the day.  For the last ice fishing adventure of 2015 we did really well and even managed to make it back home without frostbite.   So what else can we say except bring on the 2016 hardwater!

One thought on “Last Ice Fishing Trip of 2015

  1. What were the tracks in the snow….did you come in on stilts, or were you visited by an animal? Boy does it look cold…nice to see the photos again. Mum.


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