Calgary Zoo Lights


In the interest of posting an adventure that wasn’t fishing related we searched high and low for something exciting to do!  Thats when we discovered the Calgary Zoo Lights!

For the last 19 years the Calgary Zoo has treated its winter guests to Zoo Lights.  Over 200 dazzling displays are created with 1.5 million lights.  There are a number of fun-filled family activities like skating, karaoke and giant outdoor bowling.  Hot chocolate is available of course as are other snacks like maple candy at the sugar shack and our favourite snack stop – the Tusk ‘N Grill.  The butterfly gardens were turned into the ‘Enchanted Forest’ which provided a great refuge from the cold.  Despite the bitterly cold temperatures the zoo filled with guests in a hurry.  If you want to take pictures at Zoo Lights, get there early before the crowds fill the walkways!

We tried our best to capture the lights with our camera … hopefully we did it justice!


One thought on “Calgary Zoo Lights

  1. David, the photos of the zoo are fantastic. Too bad we don’t do that here. I wonder what the animals think….probably “what happened to night”!!!!!


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