Rolling Hills produces again!


AfDSCN0159ter managing to sneak away and ice fish a few times solo, it was time to bring Silvia along for the action!  Having done all the homework in advance, our destination on a beautifully warm winter day was clear.  We were headed back to Rolling Hills for a bit more of some early season walleye action.  Arriving late morning we drilled a bunch of holes and proceeded to jig gold slender spoons, PK spoons and PK Flutterfish.  It didn’t take long for us to start marking and catching some Alberta gold!  Between the two of us we managed to ice well over 40 ‘eyes’ with the biggest being in the 4lb range and lots of cookie-cutter 2lbers.  A couple large (>8lb) walleye came unbuttoned at the hole and happily only a few small pike interfered with our presentations.  The action was at times fast and furious and consistently good the rest of the time with many fish coming in throughout the day to inspect and sometimes eat our offerings.  One of us fished depths between 26′ and 18′ while the other had parked on a 21′ deep hole and didn’t budge all day!  It was pretty amazing to fish all day long (on a weekend) in the glorious sun and not see more than one angler on the entire reservoir!  Fantastic!



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